How to become a sports coach

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20-30 minuites

You’ll need:

  • a whistle
  • a stopwatch
  • a clipboard with a score sheet to mark everyone’s progress


Create a ten minute fitness workout for your family. Think about warm-up exercises and how to make your session fun and excitingTry and teach your family a fun game you can all play together to stay active


You can even have a go at creating your own unique sport’s game and train your family on your newly invented game. You’ll have to explain the rules clearly and make sure everyone understands. As a coach, you will be responsible for making sure the team works well together. You will have to give everyone in the team an important role in the game.  

You can write your instructions as a list or create a short video clip for youtube   


A good sports coach must be able to keep their team motivated. Think about ways you can motivate your team. What positive things would you say when coaching? 

Split these comments into positive and negative and decide which ones you would use as a coach. 

  • You could do better if you tried doing this… 
  • That’s rubbish! You can do better than that!    
  • You’re not very good at this 
  • Well done! I can see you’re really trying hard.  
  • You can do it! Keep going! 
  • You should just give up. You’re never going to get the hang of it. 
  • You’re terrible at sports 
  • As long as you have fun, that’s the most important thing.  
  • Winning is the most important thing 
  • Don’t bother trying this again. 
  • Keep trying, practice makes perfect!



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