Catching dreams



30 minutes

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This activity aims to encourage the girls to listen to what is being said and reflect on what they have just taken part in. It should be used at the end of a GFS meeting.


Research about dreams and the history and use of dream catchers in Native American Indigenous culture.
Set out the materials required on a table.



Ask the girls to think about their ultimate dreams and aspirations. Ask them to think about what they would ideally dream for themselves, others and the world. You may wish to choose to do this in a relaxing way with calm music in the background or you may wish to run it as a group discussion.


Ask the girls to draw themselves asleep on a piece of paper. Then ask them to fill in a thought bubble with their ideal dream.


The group then share their dreams with each another. A discussion can follow about how many dreams an average person has a night, why we remember some and not others, why we have good dreams and bad dreams and what these can tell us. (This information should be researched beforehand.)


Explain that according to legend, North American Indians thought that their dreams were very important. Therefore they made ‘Dream Catchers’ and hung them over their beds. The belief was that any bad dreams would become entrapped in the web and be destroyed in the morning sun. All good dreams would slide down the attached feathers and bless the person sleeping below. This introduces the making of dream catchers.


Each girl will need a hoop. Wrap ribbon around it to start.


Then make a web by taking a long piece of thread and tying it to the ring. Make these loops all around the ring at intervals of approximately 2.5cms. Make sure that you knot each loop at least once. Then you need to go around again, this time looping the thread over the centre of each of the loops already made. You will not need to knot them this time.


At this point the girls can add beads here and there if they wish. Continue to make loops in this way until there is only a small hole in the centre of the web. Finish by making a neat knot on the last loop. Make a loop of thread at the top so that you can hang it up. Attach feathers to the side of the ring and hang beads and feathers from the bottom if you wish.


Display the dream catchers before taking them home.


Sticky tape
Metal, wooden or plastic rings e.g. bracelets, or hoops obtainable in craft shops
Ribbon – different colours and types
Beads and feathers
Thread or string

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