Create a virtual sport

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30-40 minutes

You’ll need:

Your thinking caps


Set a timer for two minutes and get the girls to type down as many different sports they can think of in the chat box. When the two minutes are up, have a read through the list and ask the girls if there is any way these sports can be played virtually. 


After this discussion, split the girls into two or three smaller groups using the breakout room function.  Ask each group to design their own sport that can be played virtually.  

Things to think about: 

  • Is it a team game? 
  • Does it require sports equipment? (a ball, bat or racket)  
  • How many players are needed for the sport? 
  • What is the score system like? 

Give the girls 20 mins to think about their sport and to write down their instructions/rules for the game.  


Bring the girls back together and get each group to present their idea.  For the remainder of the session, have a go at playing these virtual sports. 



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