Digital group vision board


25 minutes

You’ll need:

  • just your enthusiasm!


Open up a blank word document and share your screen. Click on layout on the top tool bar and change the orientation to landscape.  


Then ask each girl in the group what they would like to put on the vision board.  

You can insert images onto the document by:  

  • Selecting “insert” on the tool bar  
  • Selecting “pictures” 
  • Selecting “online pictures” or “from Bing”  
  • Then searching for your images like you would on a normal search engine.  


The vision board can contain group goals or a selection of individual goals. Make sure that each girl shares something she would like to put on the vision board. 

Prompts to help the girls come up with ideas for their vision board 

  • Who or what inspires you? What keeps you feeling optimistic and motivated for the future?  
  • What makes you happy?  
  • What are some of the things you consider the most important in my life?  
  • What do you enjoy doing? What are your main hobbies?  
  • Do you have any specific goals you want to achieve in the next year?  
  • What can you do to take care of yourself going forward?  
  • What sort of person do you want to be – how do you want to behave?  
  • What things have you got to look forward to?  
  • Are there any quotes or song lyrics that you particularly love?  
  • What are some personal qualities that you want to build on over the next year or use more effectively?  
  • What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?  
  • What do you like about yourself? What parts of yourself are you most proud of?    


You can also write group goals and positive affirmations in different fonts and shapes. 


The girls can also put pictures of inspirational women on their board and people who they look up to and aspire to be.  


Don’t forget to add the GFS logo, which you can download from 






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