Family Party

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2-3 hours

Estimated Cost:

Varied. See instructions.


This can be a way to get to know the girls and young women’s families better in order to better understand and support them. It can be linked to a seasonal event to celebrate a religious or cultural occasion, a special time of year or a national holiday.


Planning over a period of weeks. See instructions.



A few sessions ahead of the chosen night, plan what food each person will make to bring to the party, make decorations and invitations. Suggest what foods would be best to prepare and what could be made on the day (e.g. cakes vs. sandwiches)


Use some time in the session to cost the party food and materials needed. One of the girls could be nominated as treasurer.


Think about who should be invited and use one session to design and make invitations. Allocate one or two girls to keep a record of responses so you know how many people to expect.


On the day of the party, bring food, set out tables and decorate the room.


When the guests arrive the girls can show them to their tables and provide table service – bringing them food and drinks as requested, then sitting with them to make conversation.


They could also prepare entertainment, such as a drama sketch, poems or a group song.


A risk assessment must be carried out if your party is to be held at a different location than your usual meeting place. This is a useful task to do with the girls and young women, to help them to be aware of safety issues.


Meeting room with kitchen facilities
Tables and chairs
Crockery and plates
Table covers, serviettes

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