Grow from scraps

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You will need:

  • Food scraps
  • Clear glasses/jars/bowls/vases so that you can see the roots growing
  • Pot and soil for if you decide to go full veg farmer


10-15 minutes


This is a fun project to do with food leftovers. Even if you don’t have the space to plant until they grow into edible veg, it’s fun to watch them sprout and grow in different ways and speeds anyway.


Avocado stones will grow into a lovely houseplant under the right conditions. All you have to do is clean the stone and suspend in a cup of water (you might need to use tooth picks or something similar to prop it up so it doesn’t touch the bottom).



This one takes patience, as pineapple can take up to two years to bear an actual fruit, but even if you don’t wait it out, it’s fun to watch it start to grow.

Grab hold of the pineapple by the leaves and twist and pull it off so the stalk is still attached. Remove some of the lower leaves to expose the stalk. Make sure there is no fruit flesh as that will rot the stalk.

Place the pineapple crown in a glass of water and allow new roots to sprout–this usually takes about three weeks. Then transfer to a pot with fast-draining soil. The plant should begin to resist gentle tugs at about two months. At this point, it means that your replanting worked, and that it’s time to look into pineapple plant care!



Most of us will know from a forgotten bag that potatoes are quick to grow. But there’s  a quicker and healthier way to do it. Cut a potato in half. And where you see the dented “eyes” on the skin, plant the potatoes in soil with the “eyes” facing up. That’s where the plant will begin to sprout in a couple weeks. Transfer to the garden at this point if you want to grow your own.



If you have a lettuce with tall leaves and a bulb (Romaine, for example) you can leave the stump of the lettuce in a bowl half filled with water. You’ll find the leaves have regrown in just a few days. You can transfer to soil at this point if you want.



Bags of herbs from the supermarket are expensive and go off quickly. If you have leftover packet herbs that are going off or have stalks remaining, all you have to do is put about 2-3 inches of stem in an upright in a glass of water. When the new roots begin to sprout, transfer the herbs into a pot of soil and you house (and food) will smell delicious.



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