Ho ho ho wall hangings

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45 minutes

Estimated Cost:



Get in the Christmas spirit with these wall decorations



Cut out three 15cm x 15cm squares of cardboard – If you haven’t been able to find cardboard boxes, glue squares of cardboard together until you have something thick to work with 


Decide which paper will go on each cardboard square and, using the thick square as a template, draw around the cardboard square on the back of the paper. Tip – Alternatively, you can use fabric instead of paper 


Paint the edges of the cardboard squares and let it dry. You can use matching paint colours or contrasting ones – they will all look good! 


Using a spray adhesive, or any other appropriate glue, attach the paper to one side of the cardboard and leave it to dry  


Print out ho-ho-ho in your favourite Christmas font and cut out the letters. Tip – leave a small piece of paper in place to keep the letters attached because it helps with spacing. Trace the letters onto the patterned paper and paint with black acrylic paint. 


After the letters dry, work out how you would like your three blocks to be spaced and then trim your ribbon, so they fit.   


Hot glue the squares onto the ribbon. When it’s dry, your decorations are ready to hang! You can either attach a wall hanger on the back or just use a thumbtack to hang it on your wall. 


Thick cardboard (supermarket packing boxes are the best), festive paper or fabric, spray adhesive (or other glue), hot glue gun, black adhesive paint, coloured paints, pencils, scissors, wide ribbon  

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