“How are you?” worksheets

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10 minutes

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GFS girls aged 13 and under complete this worksheet every term. It gives them a chance to reflect, allows leaders to identify any issues and to track how the girls are doing, in general, over a longer time.


Print out a worksheet for every girl in the group, and some spares just in case.


Each girl should be given her own worksheet to complete individually and pass back to the leader. Explain that this is so that we can review again and see if they have changed any of their feelings or opinions. Some girls may need support to understand the questions or to choose an answer.

The leader should review the answers and respond accordingly, with support from GFS staff.


Please give the completed worksheets to your RDC or scan and email or post them directly to GFS, Unit 12 Angel Gate, 326 City Road, London EC1V 2PT. The information is anonymised and used to better understand the girls we engage locally, regionally and nationally.
The questions relate to GFS’ mission to provide opportunities for girls and young women to develop their confidence, self-esteem, wellbeing and resilience so they can fulfill their potential.

‘I feel good about myself’ helps indicate a girl’s appraisal of her own worth – self-esteem.
‘I can deal with problems’ helps to indicate her capacity to cope with difficulties, solve problems and overcome challenges – resilience.
‘I am happy and healthy’ helps to indicate the state of a girl or young woman’s physical and mental health – wellbeing.
‘I help when my group make decisions’ helps indicate the extent to which a girl feels she has a say in decisions that affect her within the group – participation.
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