Magical colour changing plants

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Estimated Cost:


What you’ll need

  • Pale leaves or white flowers collected from your garden or daily exercise (Some leaves/flowers work better than others in this experiment – so try a selection of plants if you can) 
  • Cups or jars 
  • Food colouring  
  • Water 

Before you begin

Did you know that plants make their own food using a process called photosynthesis? The key ingredients for photosynthesis are water, carbon dioxide and light.  

The light comes from the sun and the carbon dioxide comes from the air. The final ingredient – water – enters a plant’s stem and travels up to the leaves or petals, where photosynthesis can take place. This is called transpiration. 

In this fun experiment, you can see for yourself how water is carried through a plant.  


Put some water into a cup or jar then add food colouring. Make the colour quite strong. If you have two colours, do two jars.  


Have a good look at the colour of the leaves / flowers – why not take a photo so you can compare before and after shots? Place your leaves or flower stems into the coloured water. 


Leave your jars overnight. 


Have a look at your jars. Have the leaves or petals changed colour? Can you see where the colour has moved through the plant? Here’s what some of ours looked like.

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