Make a drinks bottle composter

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30 minutes

You’ll need:

Two litre empty drink bottle per girl

Soil, leaves, grass


Spoiled raw food

Anything else compostable


This activity reminds girls of the importance of reducing waste and shows them a practical way to reduce their impact on the environment.


Collect old drinks bottles and rinse them out thoroughly

Set aside and collect an food waste from your house



Cut the top off a two litre drinks bottle. Remove the label so you can see inside the bottle. You might need a grown up’s help to cut the bottle.  


Start the bottle with a later of soil in the bottom, then a layer of compostable material. You can put any plant matter in there, including raw vegetables. Thinks which work well are dead leaves, grass (although not too much), pine cones and a little shredded newspaper. 


Alternate between layers of brown matter and green matter, until almost full.


Add some water – not so much that it’s sitting in water, but certainly enough that it’s damp all the way through. 


Leave your composter somewhere it will get plenty of sun, for several weeks. You will start to see the waste matter being broken down into the soil.


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