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15 minutes

Estimated Cost:



Girls will be familiarised with the concept of gender differences and stereotypes within the media.  They will understand what is important to them and how they would communicate their messages and points of view through different media channels. 


Print a copy of the worksheet for each group



In groups, pairs or individually ask the girls to pick a topic which relates to themselves or the area they live in. Examples: recycling, litter, play areas, healthy eating, internet safety, bullying online etc.  


Or it could be a more specific piece about what it’s like being a girl in your town or village.  Do girls have the same opportunities as boys?  Etc. 


All girls should consider: 

  • What information do they want to get across? 
  • What is the main message? 
  • Who is the message targeted at? 
  • Do you need a slogan/headline? 
  • What media should be used to create the story? 
  • Depending on the media used will you need music? 
  • Have you got all the details? 
  • Use the five Ws to help you create your story – Who? What? Where? When? Why? 
  • Girls can use the Media Worksheet to help them plan their story. 


Explain to the girls that a female journalist will help them in the following week to structure their article/podcast/broadcast etc (depending on the medium) for publication/bro 

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