Park bench

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45 minutes

Estimated Cost:



The aim of this activity is to enable young people to resolve scenarios and conflict through role-play.





Place three chairs in front of the group in a line touching each other. Explain that this is now the stage and they must imagine that the three chairs is a park bench.


Ask for two volunteers amongst the girls to start.


Now read aloud either of the following: ‘You are sitting on a park bench with your best friend discussing your new romantic partners. She shows you a photo of them together and you realise that it is the same person you have been seeing…’

‘You are sitting on a park bench with your best mate. You thought you saw him kissing your girlfriend as you arrived late at a party last night…’


Ask the volunteers to pick up the story from there. When they have run out of things to say or three minutes is up, two more girls go forward and carry on the conversation.


Keep going until everyone has had the opportunity to have his or her say. Be sensitive to anyone who feels uncomfortable taking part in the acting. If you know that you have members who will not be comfortable, offer them a non-acting role such as timing the actors to make sure that no budding thespian tries to hijack the process!


At the end of the session discuss the best ways that the situation was resolved.



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