Make your own party decorations

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You will need:

  • coloured paper
  • a stapler
  • scissors
  • colouring pens and pencils

15 minutes


Instructions – paper chains


Cut your paper length ways into 6 long strips  and decorate however you like. You could draw patterns or write a fun party message. 


Once your strips of paper have been coloured in, create a loop by folding the strip of paper and then staple it in place 


Take the next strip of paper, feed it through the loop and fold it to create another loop. Staple each link in place to create your paper chain.  


Instructions – lanterns


Cut a 2cm strip off the short side of your paper and set it aside to use as a handle. Then, fold the paper in half lengthwise. 


Cut from the folded side and stopping 2cm away from the edge of the card. 


Open out the card  and fold it so the two short sides of the paper come together. Secure with a staple. 

Now all there is left to do is staple the handle to the top of your paper lantern. 

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