Picture This

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You will need:

  • Something to write with/on
  • Some old family pictures


15-30 minutes


Pictures can tell stories. Use your imagination and empathy to imagine what might be happening in photographs you’ve never seen before.


Ask your family or friends for an old picture. It can be a picture of your grandparents or a picture of someone you know when they were younger. Once you have a picture, we’re going to write a story about it.


Here are some things to think about: 

  • Who are the people in the picture? (They will be your main characters) 
  • Who took the picture? (This person could be the narrator of your story) 
  • Where was the picture taken? (This will be the setting of your story) 

Think about what could have been happening at the time. What do you think the person was feeling at the time when the picture was taken.  


Can’t find any old family pictures? No problem, you can use these: 

Who are these girls? Could they have been from a GFS group a long time ago? What were they doing in the field?  

Who is this cat? I wonder what this cat would say if it could talk.  




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