Role play


15-20 minutes

You’ll need:

  • just your enthusiasm!


Use break out rooms to split the girls into smaller groups of two or three. Ask the girls to role-play the following scenario: 

The girls are a group of best friends. One of them is unhappy about some aspect of her physical appearance and complains baout it. The other girls must act out how they would help her in that situation.

To avoid girls feeling uncomfortable talking about things they struggle with personally, they can create a fictional character, e.g. complaining about being freckled while, in fact, having no freckles.


Encourage the girls to truly empathize with their roles and think about what they would say in such a situation. After a couple of minutes, roles are switched; giving each girl a chance at playing both roles.  


After the girls have role played, come back together as one group. Discuss the role play with the group as a whole.  

  • What did the girls complain about in the role plays?  
  • Did the girls perceive their friend’s concerns as justified or exaggerated?  
  • How did they try to help their friend?  
  • What advice was helpful and what wasn’t?  
  • Would they give the same advice to themselves as they did to their friend in the role play? 



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