Similarities and differences

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20 minutes

You’ll need:

  • no equipment required


Ask girls to brainstorm a list of ways people are different from each other. Include physical differences (like the bingo activity) and non-physical (such as favourite kinds of hobbies). You can create this list either sharing a Word document or using the Zoom whiteboard.  Things on the list might include:  

  • likes/dislikes  
  • abilities (some of people are good at maths, others at writing, art, sports, music etc.)  
  • interests  
  • height  
  • body build (slender, muscular, etc.)  
  • complexion  
  • hair colors/type (straight, curly, etc.)  
  • eye color 
  • preferences.  


Then ask the girls what they would like to include in their letter to their future self.  

Point out that some things we can change through effort (by studying, practicing, learning), some things are out of our power to change (height, eye colour), and some will change over time (our natural hair colour, our experiences).  


Ask the girls to share three things they like about themselves and three things they are good at. These can be the same things.   


Point out that everyone has strengths and that these strengths are part of what make us unique and special. The fact that we are all different is also part of what makes the world interesting.  


Ask the group to make a list of things they can each do to have positive self-esteem and body image. The list might include:  

  • Spend time with people who treat you well and help you feel good about yourself.  
  • Use positive self- talk, such as “I am strong, self-confident, and capable.”  
  • Celebrate what you like about yourself  
  • Remind yourself that you are unique, special, valued and important.  
  • Get out and participate in activities with your family and friends.  


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