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30 minutes

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The aim of this activity is to develop short scenes based on a photograph. It could be used as a prelude to a more in-depth project around alcohol awareness.


Cut out a selection of photos that show young people in situations where alcohol may potentially be consumed. For example, weddings or other celebrations, parties or a group of young people hanging about in the park. Display the photographs around the room.



Explain that the focus for this activity is alcohol use among young people. Divide the group into smaller groups of three or four and ask each one to move around the room and look at the photographs photograph. They then take the photo of their choice and sit down.


The task for each group is to look carefully at their photo and devise a short scene based on it. Allow 15 minutes for the improvisation to develop. Encourage them to be creative and really think through the scene. Who is drinking? What are they drinking and whose idea is it? Is there any peer pressure involved? What happens? In turn invite each group to perform their scene to the larger group.


Facilitate a discussion around what has been shown. Are there any cultural or religious differences that have an impact on the scene? What are the positive and negative outcomes? What are the short and long-term health implications for alcohol misuse?


You may wish to provide contact details for local and national charities that can help with alcohol related problems.


A selection of photographs or posters that show young people in a range of situations that include alcohol.

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