Social media movements

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15 minutes

You’ll need:

  • no equipment required


Introduce girls to the idea of social media as a tool for making change. You may find the text below useful.  

“We use social media in our everyday lives. It enables us to interact with each other, share memories and express opinions; you may have seen the hashtag #blacklivesmatter movement on social media. This hashtag is used to raise awareness about the unfair treatment of Black people around the world. This hashtag expresses that Black people need to be appreciated and treated fairly by the world.


Have a go at creating your own hashtag movement.Ask girls to reate a hashtag with three words and think of what they would like to express and share. It can be anything. E.g. #DanceWithFriends or #PlantATree.    


Once they have their hashtag, ask them to explain it to others and pitch it for one minute.  


The pitch must tell the group why this hashtag, what it means, when would you use it, what it stands for and what they want it to achieve.   


After everyone has pitched their hashtag, the group can vote to choose the three best hashtags.  


If your group has social media accounts, maybe girls would like to create some posts that would go with the hashtag and share them.  



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