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90minutes or multi-session

Estimated Cost:



This activity develops teamwork and leadership. The learning objectives are to identify certain types of social games and the possible risks of each. There is also the option to use social media positively to spread awareness of the risks of social gaming.


30 minutes researching gambling data/information. See content developed by the Young Gamblers Education Trust (known as YGAM), a UK-registered charity with a social purpose to ‘inform, educate and safeguard young people against problematic gambling & social gaming’.



Introduce the topic by pointing out that gambling is everywhere. Young people walk past betting shops, bill-boards, buy lottery tickets or scratch card, and see gambling companies sponsoring major sporting events every day. On their mobile phones they have access not only to traditional betting and casino-style gambling, but also to social games with a gambling element.


Ask the girls to discuss in pairs different social games, thinking about possible risks and exploring potential consequences. Ask them to write their thoughts down on a flipchart paper or whiteboard.


As a group, ask them to research, design and deliver an awareness campaign through a social media medium of their choice highlighting different types, possible risks and consequences. They should research themselves the different things to include in a campaign and more statistics and information about the topic as well as their own views. Encourage them to express their thoughts and ideas to spread a positive message.


Following the activity, ask the group to feed back on what they have learned about social gaming.


If you are concerned about the amount of time or money that you or someone you know is spending gambling, you can call the national GamCare helpine on 0808 8020 133, 8am – midnight, seven days a week.


Flipchart paper and markers
Internet access via smartphones, tablets or computer.

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