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20 minutes

Estimated Cost:



To learn about various types of media and what they are used for. 


Images of various types of media can be cut out and laminated, ready to be  stuck on a board/wall so girls can see something physical.



Tell the children that you need to send an important message to a friend. 

  • If this person was sat next to you, how would you get the message to them? 
  • What if they were in the room next door? 
  • In the next building? 
  • In another town or village? 
  • Another country? 
  • Another planet! 


The girls might suggest talking, shouting, a letter, a text, phone call, an app, email etc. 

Explain that information can be sent and received in many different ways. This is because of modern technology and the media, now there are more ways than ever before to send information.  The media is used every day to get messages to people all over the world. 


Ask the girls if they know what the different kinds of media are?


If you made images of the different media, pin them up as girls get them correct. Help them out with any they don’t think of themselves.



Here a list of media types to get you going

Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Podcasts, Social Media, Television 

Photography, Internet, Newsletter, Billboard, Books, Youtube

Comics, CDs/DVDs, Video Games, Cinema, Blogs 

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