Tissue paper holly wreathes

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45 minutes

Estimated Cost:



Get in the Christmas spirit with these wall decorations.



Cut out circular wreath from the cardboard.


Cut out lots of small green squares in the tissue paper – each one should be around 6cm x 6cm. Tip – cut these out when the paper is folded, then you cut out lots at once! 


Use the glue spreader to spread a small amount of PVA glue on to a section of the wreath (work on about 1/6 of the wreath at a time). Use the eraser end of the pencil to shape each square of tissue paper.


Use the eraser to help you place your tissue paper squares on to the wreath form, and continue to work section by section until the entire wreath form is full and covered. 


Add holly berry pom pomsTip – sequins and glitter add sparkle, and large buttons make nice ornaments. 


Circular wreath cut from recycled cereal box or a paper platescissors, lots of green tissue paper squares, PVA glueglue spreaderpencil with eraser, Holly berry pom pomsRibbon or string for hanging

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