Washing line – programme planning

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30-40 minutes

Estimated Cost:


This activity is perfect for involving girls and young women in planning a programme in a fun and creative way. It allows them to participate in the group, take ownership, make decisions and work as a team.


You can either use old clothes or cardboard cut-outs shaped like clothes for this activity. Either ask girls to bring clothes in, ask for donations (some charity shops might have clothes they can’t sell) or prepare the cardboard cut-outs in advance, or ask the group to do it. The more colourful, the better. Prepare the washing line by tying up a long string somewhere the girls can reach it.


Write ideas on the clothes
Ask the girls or young women to write down one idea per item of clothing for future sessions, focusing on issues they are interested in and fun activities from different themes and categories. It could be based on something they’ve done before that they like and something new to try. You can use the online Activity Finder or Programme Overview on the GFS website for ideas. Depending on time, each participant should contribute two or three activities.


Peg them on the line
Ask participants to peg their ideas onto the washing line. Depending on their age they can do this as they go or one by one and share their ideas with the rest of the group. Ask them to hang similar or repeated activities next to each other.


Decision time
Once everyone has finished tell the group how many weeks you have to plan for and ask them to discuss and decide as a group which activities they will prioritise and leave on the line and which they will take down. Remind them that there can be more than one activity per session. Finally, ask them to put them in the order they would like and someone should record their choices. The activities that get left out can be used in next term’s programme.

It’s a good idea to do this activity a few sessions before the end of each term to help prepare for the next term. It can also help to think about any topics or themes the leaders would like to introduce – they can play too! And also to look at any special dates, celebrations or awareness days that are coming up.


Clothes and fabric pens or cardboard, scissors and felt tips; long string or ribbon for washing line; pegs.

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