Sept-Dec 2019 Term Pack

This pack is full of activities that span our programme themes. Many of the activities can be done at any time, although some are date specific (for example our Day of the Dead activity is best done near the holiday itself).

This term pack also contains three sessions with a focus on the media, how we interpret it and how women are represented within it. These were originally created for International Day of the Girl 2019, but can be utilised at any time. Similarly a number of activities feed in to the GFS National Challenge, which you can find out more about joining here, but can also be used in isolation at any time.

We have lift off – six week pack for brand new groups

This programme is designed to help you through your first six weeks after your group launch. It includes six weeks of full session plans, including a variety of active games and review sheets to provide extra support while you get settled into things.

The STEM Sessions

We’ve teamed up with the Stemettes to provide volunteers with ten 30 minute sessions on a diverse range of inspiring women in the field of STEM. What’s more, these are present day women who are making strides and achievements now, not in the past. Check out the awesome sessions below:

  1. Zaha Hadid – ground breaking female architect
  2. Dr Eugenia Cheng – mathematician whose best-selling book teaches maths through baking!
  3. Merritt Moore – ballet dancer and quantum physicist
  4. Katherine Johnson – mathematician who made early space missions possible
  5. Gillian Bullen – super cool Design and Development Engineer for Virgin Atlantic
  6. Angela Taylor – night-schooled her way to become a Software Engineer at Google
  7. Lucy Beard – mathematician who conceived the idea of 3D printed shoes
  8. Florence Adepoju – Cosmetic Scientist who owns her own beauty range
  9. Nina Tandon – co-founder of the world’s first company to grow living human bones for skeletal reconstruction
  10. Hannah Fry – mathematician, author, associate professor AND science presenter