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Welcome to the GFS Activity Finder

These pages are designed to make it easier for you to plan impactful and empowering sessions for your group. It’s a great way to supplement your own activity ideas and ensure that you are able to cover all of the GFS programme themes.

All of the activities here are broken down by what age group they are suitable for and which if the programme themes they cover, making it really easy to search for what you need. Whether it’s a new run around game to help girls blow off some steam or something to help with their confidence is low, you should be able to find what you need.

We’ve also uploaded our activity packs for when you’d like a more thorough guide for a particular issue or period of time. These are a series of sessions that could be delivered in full or used as a starting point from which you can add some of your own ideas.

So… Use this site for inspiration. Use it when you’re short on planning time. Use it if you’re unsure how to cover a particular issue. Use it however is best for you!


This meditative exercise can be a great way to get the girls to pause, breathe, and reflect on their own peace and good feelings towards their friends. Each participant will have two tokens... READ MORE

Women in Science Showcase

Introduce the girls to inspiring stories of women scientists from various fields. Then, provide them with materials to create posters or collages about a scientist they find intriguing. Encourage them to include the scientist’s... READ MORE

Goal setting!

1. Each girl should think of 3-5 goals (or more!) they would like to achieve – they can be small or big goals – it doesn’t matter the size of the goal, anything... READ MORE