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Welcome to the GFS Activity Finder

These pages are designed to make it easier for you to plan impactful and empowering sessions for your group. It’s a great way to supplement your own activity ideas and ensure that you are able to cover all of the GFS programme themes.

All of the activities here are broken down by what age group they are suitable for and which if the programme themes they cover, making it really easy to search for what you need. Whether it’s a new run around game to help girls blow off some steam or something to help with their confidence is low, you should be able to find what you need.

We’ve also uploaded our activity packs for when you’d like a more thorough guide for a particular issue or period of time. These are a series of sessions that could be delivered in full or used as a starting point from which you can add some of your own ideas.

So… Use this site for inspiration. Use it when you’re short on planning time. Use it if you’re unsure how to cover a particular issue. Use it however is best for you!

Make a compass

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The science bit The metal needle is made up of things called domains that are all pointing in different directions. By rubbing the magnet against the sewing needle, you made the domains all point... READ MORE

Grow from scraps

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Focus This is a fun project to do with food leftovers. Even if you don’t have the space to plant until they grow into edible veg, it’s fun to watch them sprout and... READ MORE

Loo roll bird feeder

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Focus Do some upcycling and nature-loving at the same time. These are really easy to make, you can hang them anywhere and birds will flock to your bird cafe. You could also find... READ MORE

Tree of me

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Focus An easy gardening project for those without gardens, that also boosts self esteem. Instructions         READ MORE

Gardening under glass

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Focus With so many people living in urban environments with no or limited garden, closed terrariums are making a come back. This is a great way to give children without a garden a... READ MORE

Robot hands

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Focus The science and innovation of robotics has changed everyone’s lives.  Robotic arms are used in manufacturing such as making cars and robotic prosthetic hands can enable people who have lost their limb to... READ MORE

The egg drop challenge

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Focus This challenge incorporates parts of engineering we may not initially think of.  The main element of the challenge is logistics – transporting goods safely and effectively.  It also uses physics which is used in... READ MORE

Telling your story

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Focus Stories can be told in lots of different ways. They can be true or fiction. They can be in books or magazines. They can be in films or on the news. They... READ MORE