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5-15 minutes

Estimated Cost:


Evaluation activities allow you to get feedback from the girls and young women to improve future sessions. There are formal and informal ways of getting feedback and these can include a suggestion box, brainstorming sessions, a ‘feelings’ tree, graffiti or anonymous notes, evaluation forms or letters.

Feedback can be immediate through questions and informal discussion, in which case someone needs to record it, or through evaluation forms. Information from girls or young women after they have left a group is particularly useful as it gives a very clear indication of how coming to GFS has benefited them.

Here are a range of very easy ways to review how a session or activity has gone with a group:


Talk like a pirate (for 5-10 years)


Standing in a circle ask participants to share something that made me go:

  • ‘ooh’ (as in I really liked that)
  • ‘aaargh’ (I didn’t like it) or
  • ‘ooohaahaaargh’ (that’s new and interesting)


Aeroplanes/ slam dunk (for all age groups)


Ask participants to write comments on paper to key questions e.g. What have you learnt? What could have been better? Then ask participants to fold the paper in to paper aeroplanes and throw into a bucket or similar.


Target boards (for all age groups)


Draw a dart board on to flipchart paper. Divide into sections. Ask participants to score activities, the best being closest to the bullseye, the worst being furthest away. These don’t need to be task focused, but can include reflection on the outcome of an activity e.g. we worked well together.


Hands (for all age groups)


Give participants a piece of paper and access to pens. Ask participants to draw around their hand, and record the following on the fingers of their hand:

Thumb – something good, something they enjoyed

Index finger – something they would like to point out (could be good or bad)

Middle finger – something bad, something they did not enjoy

Fourth finger – something they will treasure from the activity/event

Little finger – something little they want to add (could be good or bad)

Palm – A prediction for the future – what they are going to do next?


Warm backs (for age 10 upwards)


Stick a piece of paper to the back of each participant. Ask everyone to wander round the room, in silence, and stop to write positive comments on each other’s backs. For example: Tell someone you had a good chat with them, Tell someone a skill you noticed them using, Tell someone they cheered you up or helped you with something difficult, Describe what someone brought to the group with their attitude or actions.

You could ask people to reflect on something more specific to the project / activity you’ve just done, for example how has each person changed as a result of working together on the project. Everyone should try to comment on as many people’s backs as possible. Keep it anonymous if you can. Stop when everyone has a few nice comments on their back, and invite everyone to take off their piece of paper and have a read.



Various depending on activities chosen. Some require no resources.

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