Act it out game



10 minutes

Estimated Cost:



Girls will be familiarised with the concept of gender differences and stereotypes within the media.





Ask the children to stand in a space. Explain that you will call out a type of person or a type of job and you want the children to act out that person or the person who does the job. (Use the list below).

  • Busy mother
  • Teacher
  • Baby
  • Gamer
  • Teenager
  • Superhero
  • Office worker
  • Footballer
  • Chef
  • Cleaner
  • Pop star
  • Gardener
  • Doctor
  • Scientist
  • Elderly person


After the game ask the children why they chose to act in that particular manner – where did they get their information from? 

  • Children may suggest that they saw it on the television/in an advert/in a magazine/on a computer game or just in real life etc.   
  • Comment how many of their characters were very similar (baby crying, superhero flying, cleaner sweeping etc).   
  • Explain that labelling a group of people with a particular set of looks, personalities, likes and dislikes is called stereotyping. 
  • Explain how the media often use stereotypes and their ideas and assumptions are not necessarily true or realistic. 


Ask the children: 

  • Are all teenagers moody or ‘way too cool’? 
  • Do all babies just cry and sleep? 
  • Are all elderly people frail? 
  • Do office workers only type? 


Ask the children if they can think of ways when the media use stereotypes. Use prompts if they cannot think of ideas, for example: 

  • Clever people wearing glasses 
  • Mean Step-parents 
  • Old people not able to use technology 
  • A man cleaning the car 



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