Co-op circle

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5 minutes

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The aim of this activity is to create a group circle by working together. It needs a sizeable group to work well. If you have less than ten girls the task will be too easy and the cooperation element lost.


Clear a large space to carry out the game.



Ask the girls to stand in a circle holding hands, facing inwards.


Place yourself in the middle so that everyone can see you. Explain that you are going to set the group a task that will need concentration and cooperation to work properly. Warn the group that if they don’t work together they could all end up on the floor!


Ask the girls to all turn to their right, making sure that they don’t move out of the circle, and place their right hand onto the shoulder of the person in front. Now, instruct them to carefully sit down onto the lap of the person behind them, using the hand on their neighbour’s shoulder to steady them. With a bit of practice, good balance and cooperation the whole group should be able to work together to achieve the task.


Once the young people have managed it, ask the group to slowly resume their standing position in the circle, making sure nobody falls. When the circle is complete once more give each other a round of applause to end the activity.




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