The egg drop challenge

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You will need:

  • An egg per person – if you don’t want to use an egg maybe use a chocolate egg in foil, like a crème egg.  It is fun with a real egg though! 
  • And a variety of the following: masking tape, sellotape, balloons, straws, cardboard, cotton, toilet roll, straws, kitchen/toilet roll tubes, newspaper, egg boxes,  socks, carrier bags, jelly, tights, lolly pop sticks


30 minutes


This challenge incorporates parts of engineering we may not initially think of.  The main element of the challenge is logistics – transporting goods safely and effectively.  It also uses physics which is used in many areas of engineering.   

The challenge


You have twenty minutes to complete the challenge so set a timer.  Using the materials you have, you need to create a structure that will safely transport your egg when it is dropped.  The winner is the structure that allows the egg to be dropped without the egg breaking. 


Once you have made your structure take it in turns to drop the egg.  This can firstly be done from standing up.  You could then do it from standing on a chair if your eggs survive.  If you are feeling brave you could drop them from a window if this is possible and safe.  


Here is a picture of a structure someone else made in the egg drop challenge to get your ideas flowing! 

eggs with parachutes




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