GFS Olympics

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60 mins

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Young women will have increased knowledge about some famous female Olympians/Sportswomen through history whilst also having fun in a safe – and a little bit competitive – environment.


This activity can be split into three separate games, each lasting around 15 minutes. Preparation is key to the success of these activities so we advise getting to the venue about 30 minutes before the group starts to get everything set up.

Using some string and masking tape, get all of the games marked out onto the floor. Once the girls and young women arrive, encourage them to come into a circle to discuss famous female olympians or ground-breaking sportswomen. Questions to ask may include “Do you know how long women have been allowed to compete in marathons?” or “Do we think women are paid the same as men in the sporting world?”

After the circle time, let the girls and young women in your group know they will be competing in the first GFS Olympics! Break them into three groups and have each leader run one of the games detailed below. Using the instructions and scoresheets divide the girls into three groups and have them go through each game- and let the games begin!

Game Instructions

Game 1 – Cones and Hoops
Preparation: mark a throwing line with tape, then set up a line of cones moving away from the throwing line at regular intervals and assign each cone a value, starting with the cone closest to the throwing line at 1 point increasing in value. Mark each cones’ value with a sticky label/note.Starting at the throwing line, each girl then has 4 goes to try and get as many points as possible. The girl with the most points wins.

Game 2 – Beanbag Throwing
Preparation: mark a throwline on the ground with tape and then at a distance of around three metres, mark a target on the ground with chalk or tape. There are several sections to the target, starting with the centre and spreading outwards like a bullseye. The parts of the target are assigned different points, for example the centre is 10 points, the next section is 5 points and then decreasing outwards (depending on how many sections the target has).

Starting at the throwing line, the girl has 3 goes to try and get as many points as possible. Points are awarded by landing their bean bag on the target. The girl with the most points wins. To make things slightly more difficult for the older girls, try making the target smaller or having them spin for three rotations before throwing the bean bag. This should result in lots of fun!

Game 3 – Three-legged Race
Preparation: divide the group into two and then divide into pairs, matching girls of similar height and build. Have each girl stand next to her partner and put her arm around his partner’s waist. The partners’ inside legs (the right leg of the partner on the left and the left leg of the partner on the right) should be touching. Tie the partners’ inside legs together so each pair has three legs rather than four. Use two ropes or tape to mark a starting line and a finish line. Have the players line up at the starting line. At your signal, have partners walk or run as fast as they can to the finish line.

The top 3 girls from each race then face off in ‘the final’ and the winners are the pair of partners who cross the finish line first. The winners receive maximum points and then reduce the points by 1 for 2nd place, by 2 points for third and so on.

Closing Ceremony

Finish the activities with a GFS Olympic Medal Ceremony. Try to ensure as many girls as possible get a medal!


Olympic score sheet
Small hoops
Small cones
Cotton ties or rope
Medals for each category (your group could craft their own in the next week’s session)

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