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15 minutes

Estimated Cost:



The aim of this icebreaker is to encourage girls to consider what they want from the group and the issues that are important to them.

This activity can be edited to introduce any of the GFS Girl statements.





Working in small groups, hand out a sheet of paper and some pens per group. Ask the girls to draw a large gingerbread person in the middle of their paper. Explain that you are not looking for a perfect picture but a representation. If you are working with a group who you feel might struggle with this, simplify it and ask them to draw a circle.


Now ask the girls to write inside the gingerbread person all the things that they would like to get out of the time spent in the group. Allow a few minutes for discussion.


Using different coloured pens now ask that they spend time thinking about how they can achieve the suggestions inside their gingerbread person. These ideas can be recorded outside the outline.


Once all the gingerbread people are complete, invite the groups to share their ideas. Can they agree about things that could be added to the programme, or need to be changed to reflect the different interests?


Large sheets of paper
Felt pens

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