Intro circle

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15 minutes

Estimated Cost:



The aim of this activity is to introduce the group to each other and the group leaders.


Clear a large space to carry out the game.



Form a large circle with the girls sitting an arm’s width apart.


Take the ball of wool or string and holding the end, throw it to another member of the group, welcoming them and introducing yourself. For example, ‘Welcome to my group, my name is Anika.’ The second person then replies ‘Welcome Anika, my name is Jane’ and throws the wool/string to the next member. This continues until each person has been welcomed and introduced.


As the exercise progresses you will begin to see a web forming. This is a visualisation of the introduction process.


Finally, ask the girls to put the string down in front of them on the ground and step away. From this you will all be able to see the interactions of the group.


Ball of brightly coloured string or wool

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