Nature art challenge

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You will need:

  • Everything you need, you’ll find in nature


20 minutes




What art can you make from the items you find in nature? First, you need to find the materials you need for your picture. You can go on a walk with your family or even hunt in your garden for some items.  

Try to find: 

  • Sticks 
  • Stones/pebbles 
  • Leaves  
  • Flowers 
  • Feathers 


Once you have enough materials for your picture, get creating! Try to be as imaginative as possible.  


If you are struggling for ideas, you can try to make: 

  • A portrait of yourself  
  • A picture of your house  
  • A picture of an animal 
  • Something you can wear 



Send us pictures of your amazing work! Either by tagging us on social media, or by emailing them to

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