Port or starboard

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15 minutes

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This no resource game is a historic GFS favourite. It’s great for getting the girls running around and laughing.



One volunteer or girl is the captain and the other players are the crew.


The captain calls out the ship-related terms, all of signify that the crew should do a different action:

  • To the ship – all players run and stand to the right of the captain
  • On land – all players run and stand to the left of the captain
  • Down on the deck – all players lie down on their stomachs
  • Attention on deck – all players say “Aye, aye Capitan”
  • Three men in a boat – all players make groups of three
  • Scrub the deck – all players run around circles on their knees
  • Woman over board – each player looks for a partner. One lies on the ground on their stomach. The other places their foot on her partner’s bottom
  • Starboard – all players run to the left side of the boat
  • Port – all players run to the right side of the boat
  • Stern – all players run to the back
  • Bow  – all players run to the front
  • Poorly seagull – each player sits down and flaps their hands and feet around in the air
  • Row the boat – each player looks for a partner. The two players hold hands facing each other and make rowing movements
  • In the crows nest –each player looks for a partner and one of the two jumps on the other’s back.


Should a member of the crew fail to fulfil the task or make a mistake, the player is out of the game.

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