Pot of gold

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10 minutes

Estimated Cost:



Girls will be familiarised with the concept of gender differences and stereotypes within the media.  They will understand what is important to them and how they would communicate their messages and points of view through different media channels.   





Sit everyone in a circle, with leaders dotted amongst the girls. Read them the following story:

“In Ireland, there is a well-known legend about the leprechaun (a mischievous Irish fairy). He had lots of treasure that he kept locked inside an old pot, hidden at the end of the rainbow.

We are all special, a bit like the leprechaun’s treasure. Except, what makes us really special comes from insure us. We can be kind and brave, loving and clever. Sometimes, we keep what is special about us hidden deep inside. Let’s try and share it.”


Give each girl a piece of gold paper. They should write their name on one side of the paper and on the other side, they should write something they think is special about themselves; something they’re good at, such as painting, climbing or science. It could also be character qualities, such as being patient, curious, helpful or adventurous.


Leaders may need to help younger girls individually to help them understand what to write. 


Collect the pieces of gold in the pot and shake them up.


Each girl picks out a piece of gold, reads out both sides and gives it back to its writer, sharing a hug or a high five. 


Once everyone has their gold back, ask everyone to shout “we are all amazing!” Tell the girls that everyone is special for difference reasons and our difference only makes us more special. 

Encourage girls to keep their treasure safe to remind them of the reasons they are so special.



Circles of gold/yellow paper


A pot/container

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