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30 minutes

Estimated Cost:



The aim of this activity is for girls to be creative and work together as a team to produce a short improvisation.

This game can be easily adapted for different themes by the props you make available.


Collect a selection of props and costumes and place them into a large cardboard box. Suggestions are: hats, masks, everyday items and musical instruments.

Prepare the room for the activity by setting out a wide circle of chairs, facing inwards. Place the prop box into the centre of the circle.



As the girls arrive ask them to take a chair. When everyone is seated go around the circle and give everyone a number.


Explain that for every round you will call out three numbers at random. Those whose number is called move into the middle of the circle and choose a prop each from the box. The trio then have one minute during which they should improvise a scene using all three props. Set the timer.


When ‘time’ is called, the girls sit down and another three numbers are called. Keep going until everyone has had a turn.


Review the process and discuss which ideas worked well.


Timer or stop watch
Box of various props

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