Say bonjour – icebreaker

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5-10 minutes

You’ll need:

  • our languages chart below


Share your screen and ask the girls to pick a language from the list and to say ‘hello in that language.  


Language   Hello   Pronunciation  
Afrikaans  Goeiedag    gwee eh dahg 
Arabic  Asalaamalaikum    ah salam u alaykoom 
Chinese   Nǐhǎo  nee how  
Croatian  Dobar dan   doe bar dahn 
Dutch  Hallo    hah low  
Farsi  Do’rud    doh rood  
Filipino   Mabuhay    mah boo hi  
French  Bonjour    bohzhoor 
German  Guten Tag    goo ten tahg 
Hawaiian  Aloha    a low ha  
Hindi  Namaste    nah mah stay  
Italian  Salve    sahlvay 
Japanese  Konnichiwa    koh nee chi wah  
Polish  Dzieńdobry    gin dobrey 
Romanian  Bunăziua    boo nah zee wa 
Spanish  Hola    oh la  
Swahili  Habari    ha barree 
Turkish  Merhaba  mar hah bah  
Vietnamese  Xin chào   

sin jow 


When they have said hello, ask the group to respond by saying hello back in that same language.  Encourage the girls to pick different languages from one another.  


You can also ask the girls to guess which country each language originates from.  



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