Self-esteem and media images

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1 hour

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This activity is a visual method of raising awareness of the influences which exist in the media and society and the effects they can have on individuals.


Before the session write on flipchart paper a dictionary definition of the term ‘self-esteem’.



Keeping the dictionary definition hidden, ask the girls to write down individually what ‘self-esteem’ means to them. Then share the dictionary meaning.


Ask them to brainstorm where they think our opinions of ourselves come from, writing all the ideas on the flipchart. Ideas may include what family or friends say about us or how the media influences us.


Then ask the girls individually write down two examples: one of a positive opinion and the other a negative opinion, why they believe this to be and where it came from. Ask them if they would like to share their opinions with the group.


Discuss where they believe young women get their opinions of themselves from, writing all the ideas on the flipchart. Ideas may be similar to the first brainstorm e.g. the media and magazines.


Show the girls some magazines, pointing out examples of unrealistic headlines and pictures. Discuss how they might make some women feel.


Split the group into small groups of three or four. Give each a sheet of flipchart paper, felt-tip pens, coloured paper, scissors, glue etc. Ask them to design a magazine front cover, which they believe gives a realistic image of a young women in today’s society


Ask the groups to give their magazine a title and make the cover colourful and creative.


At the end of the session, the groups share their ideas.


Flipchart paper, markers.

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