Self-esteem jar

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20 minutes

You’ll need:

  • an old jam or mason jar
  • Stickers, paint, other decorations
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Scissors


Make sure your jar is washed, dry and clean to use.  Start decorating the outside of your jar with stickers, paints and other decorative embellishments you might have.  


Then, fold your A4 paper into eight squares and cut these out.  On each piece of square paper write down something that you like about yourself, things that make you unique and special and some talents that you have.  


As well as coming up with things on your own, ask the girls in your group of some more positive things to write down about yourself that you might have missed.  

Examples of words: 

  • Kind 
  • Caring  
  • Supportive  
  • Fun  
  • Energetic  
  • Great at… (dancing, singing, football, baking etc.) 
  • Funny  


Fold the pieces of paper into little squares and place them in your jar. Try to fill your jar with as many positive things as possible! 



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