Strike a pose


20-30 minutes

You’ll need:

Just your enthusiasm!


The leader’s going to show girls four dance freezes. Take some time to practise them together. When you’ve all mastered the moves, pop some music on and dance along. 


Now, choose someone to be the dance master (this could be the activity leader). 


When the music stops, choose one of the dance freezes and hold the pose. 


If your pose is the same as the dance master you get a point. The first to three points wins. 



  • Saturday Night Fever – place one arm on your hip and the other pointing up to the sky
  • Waltzing wonders – hold you hands out like you’re about to dance with someone else
  • Stuck in a box – Place your hands next to your head so it looks like you’re in a box
  • Jazz hands – Put your hands in the air with your fingers spaced out – remember to stay still!
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