The opinions game

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20 minutes

Estimated Cost:



Girls will also be familiarised with the concept of opinions and how everyone has a different point of view.




Get the girls to divide into small groups. You will then go around and play the groups a song (all different ones) 

  • Ask girls to chat about whether they like/dislike the song and their reasons why  
  • Encourage different opinions to be shared 
  • If opinions are much the same; offer an opposing viewpoint. 
  • Ask the group to say their favourite song. 
  • Again, if they all say the same, offer a different point of view 

Explain that everyone has and is allowed a different point of view or opinion and we should respect that. For younger groups explain the meaning of ‘point of view’ and ‘opinion’. 


Use something such as a piece of string or chalk to split the area in two 

  • All girls should be on one side of the line to start. 
  • Leader to read a statement from the list below and ask the girls to stay on one side if they agree or move to the other side if they disagree with the statement. 
  • Ask a couple of girls from both sides to give a reason for their answer. 


Explain to the children that they are all demonstrating a point of view based on what they like or dislike and whether they agree or disagree with the statement. This is the same as the media, newspapers may have different points of view as do people on social media. 



String or chalk

Suggested statements:

Homework is a great idea.

Children should not have mobile phones. 

Sports are better than arts.

Chocolate is good for you. 

Football is for boys.

Nobody should be allowed pets. 

Only girls should wear dresses.

Children should choose their own bedtime. 

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