The PRIDE flag

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Need to know:

The PRIDE flag represents love, friendship and acceptance. It is a symbol to show you are proud of who you are, a key part of what GFS is all about. Each of the colours on the flag represent a different quality, which is important to the PRIDE movement. This is a fun way to introduce girls and young women to the ideas behind PRIDE.

If you would like more resources about how to talk to children about LGBTQ topics, we recommend this website


Print off or screen share the pride flag (without words) and ask the girls to guess what they think each of the colours might stand for.

PRIDE rainbow flag



You can ask the girls to write their answers on a sticky note and then place their words on the colour they think it applies to.


After all the girls have guessed a word for each of the colours, share the pride flag with the words. Did they guess any correctly?

PRIDE rainbow flag with meanings

Did they guess any correctly?


As a group, discuss what each of these words might mean and why might they appear on the flag.






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