Beauty around the world


10 minutes

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The girls will explore the concept of the ‘perfect’ female body as presented to them by society and how it differs around the world.



Explain to the group that they will play a game to discover how ideas about beauty that come from society are different around the world and have changed over time.


Mark one side of the meeting space with the ‘true’ sign, and the other side with the ‘false’ sign. 


Gather players in the middle and tell them to “freeze” – stand completely still. 


Read out your favourite facts from the activity sheet. Players should listen to the whole statement without moving and decide individually whether they think the statement is true or false. Give a few seconds for players to make a decision in their heads then shout “GO!” 


Players should run to the sign they have chosen and freeze again. Once everyone has chosen a sign, read out the information under the fact. 


Bring the players back to the middle and start again. Remind them not to follow what other people do – they should decide for themselves! If you think your group might find this hard, you could ask everyone to close their eyes so they can’t see each other, and step forwards for ‘true’ or backwards for ‘false’. 


In fact, all of the statements are true. When the game is over, discuss with the girls whether or not this surprised them and which facts were the most surprising? 




True and false signs

Download the “beauty around the world” Worksheet

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