The Sun Shines On

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15 minutes

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This game enables the girls to find commonalities within the group in a fun and interactive way. It helps to develop confidence and self-esteem and respecting differences between us.





Nominate a girl to stand in the centre of the circle.


Divide the remainder of the group into three types of fruit by going around the circle and naming them either ‘apple’, ‘orange’ or ‘pear’.


The girl in the centre then says, ‘The sun shines on all the…’ If she calls out ‘apples’, everyone who is that fruit must get up quickly and change places. Players who are not apples remain seated.


The girl in the centre tries to sit in an empty spot whenever players swap positions. If they manage to sit in a chair, the player not sitting in a chair is then in the middle.


The person in the middle can also call out, ‘The sun shines on… the fruit bowl’ and everyone who is seated has to change spots.

Version 2 for Older Girls


This version is similar to the first but includes a more personal element to support the girls in getting to know each other.


Nominate a player to start in the middle and say, ‘The sun shines on people who (choose an attribute that more than one person has, e.g. have blue eyes; are wearing red; have a sibling, etc).


All the people who share that attribute must swap places and the girl in the middle must try to take one of their places, leaving a new person in the middle to say the next “The sun shines on…” attribute.


Make the rule that a player cannot move to the chair either side of them and if they leave their chair even slightly they must leave the seat and attempt to find a new one.


If the girl in the centre calls out an attribute that is not shared by the rest of the group she must call out another attribute.


Following the game discuss with the group what they noticed about the similarities within the group. Questions to ask include:
Did you find out something new about someone in the room?
What did most people have in common?
What is it like to have X amount of things in common?
What differences do you think the group have?
How can we be respectful of each other’s differences within the group?



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