Goal setting!

1. Each girl should think of 3-5 goals (or more!) they would like to achieve – they can be small or big goals – it doesn’t matter the size of the goal, anything is an achievement!


2. They should then write their goal on the front of the envelope –  girls can add decorations and colour too!
This could be something like “I will pass my dance exam” or “I will have a go at speaking up in class”


3. Inside the envelope they can write a note to themselves that they will open once they have achieved their goal · Emphasise using positive, encouraging language e.g. well done me, I’m so proud of you, I’ve smashed it etc.

Girls could also write down a reward for themselves that they can do as a treat for achieving one of their goals e.g. an activity they enjoy doing, a little treat they could buy themselves, self-care night – film, treats etc.

4. The girls can then take the envelopes home and open them when they achieve their goals!


By Alice


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