Storytelling walk

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As long as your legs and imaginations last!

You’ll need:

Just your two feet and a grown up to walk with


Exercise yourself and your imagination by going on a storytelling walk. Going on a storytelling walk combines the pleasures of stories with all the benefits of walking together outdoors.  


When on a walk, one person begins to tell a story and then the next person continues the story at a dramatic moment: “One day I went to sleep and woke up to discover that I was really tall, much taller than when I went to bed. The first thing I did was…” 


The second person describes what happens next, you take your turn again adding more detail to the story. Take turns adding fanciful turns to the story. You will all stretch your legs and their imagination. 


Use the surrounding area that you are into include in your story. Look around you and what you can see and then think about incorporating this into the story. Look at nature, the weather, the buildings, and any animals that you can see, then try to include them in your story – make it as imaginative as you can. 


When you get home, why not draw pictures from your story. 


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