The laser maze

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What you’ll need:

  • String, tape, ribbon or similar 
  • Non marking low tack tape or sticky reusable adhesive putty (blu tac or white tac) 
  • A hallway or corridor 


  • 10 minutes to set up
  • 15 minutes of play


A fun active game that gets kids testing their agility and imagination.



First set up your laser maze in a hallway or corridor by attaching the string across the hallway using the blu tac/tape to secure each side 


Make some of the string high and some low .Make some attached low going high to mix it up. 


When the course is set up take turns with your family to try to get through the laser maze without touching the string (Mission Impossible music optional).

If you touch the string start the course again!


When you are watching and you see someone touch the string make sure you make a loud buzzing noise so they know they have to start again! 

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