Curate an exhibition

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Time: 1 or 2 hours / or 2 hours over 2 sessions.

Materials: cardboard, paper, glue, pens


Each girl brings a small object from home that is important to them. You can leave this open for them to choose, or provide a theme such as ‘being a girl’, or ‘the environment’

They all present it to the other girls. Together they find a common thread that connect the objects. This is the exhibition theme.

Start by asking the question ‘What message do you want to communicate to visitors through these objects?’

After they have all decided the theme they are divided into groups (and sub-groups):

  • Exhibition Design Team: Choose how the object will be displayed. Find the best way to display the objects (some could go on a plinth, others on the wall or the floor.) Design and build the display plinths and arrange the objects in the space. Ask questions like: How can we use this space to show the objects? How should I arrange them in relation to each other (some objects might be a bit similar).

  • Communication and Marketing Team: Write a short exhibition text that explains what the exhibition is about, and create labels for each object with a short description (i.e. title, year, who belongs to). Take photos of the exhibition when is completed (it will be fun to remember the exhibition you created).

The activity encourages collaboration, discussion, creative thinking and hands on engagement.


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