Empowerment circle

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The girls can empower themselves and each other.

An activity of positivity, reflection and empowerment – a nice way to end a session.

1.  Get the girls to sit in a circle

2.  Each girl should write their name at the top of the piece of paper

3.  They should start by writing one positive word to describe themselves and their character e.g. caring, selfless, strong, funny etc.

4.  The girls should then pass their sheet to the person to their left

5.  The girls will then write one positive word to describe the person whose name is at the top of the sheet that they have just been given from the person to their right

6.  Continue passing the sheets round the circle until each girl gets back their own sheet

7.  Let the girls have a moment to read their sheet and hopefully feel empowered by all the positive words to describe them!



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