Friendship bracelets

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20 minutes

You will need:

  • Thread, ribbon, wool or string (I’ve used embroidery thread but you can use anything) in two colours, about 1 m of each 
  • Tape or a safety pin to secure your friendship bracelet 



Start by folding your thread (or whatever you are using) in half and tie a know to create a loop.  You’ll use this to tie the friendship bracelet at the end. 


Stick the loop to the table with some tape or pin it to your trouser leg to secure it.   


Divide the threads by colour, you should have two of each colour.   


Tie an overhand knot ten times then swap colours and tie ten more.  Keep swapping until your bracelet is the length you want it, leaving about 10cm at the end to fasten it. 


To tie it to a wrist, pull two threads through the loop and tie them together with a double knot.

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