What makes a good friend?

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·        Allows the girls to discuss with each other and the leaders ‘what makes a good friend’

·        Can reflect upon their friendships with others and their role as a friend to others

·        Approx 20 mins – activity and discussion



  • The girls should individually create a word cloud, in an outline of  girl, in relation to ‘what they think makes a good friend?’

  • Fill the girl with words, short phrases or even little drawings

  • Can make it colourful with pens and pencils

  • Some example words/prompts for the girls could be: kind, keeps secrets, listens, gives advice, selfless, helpful, caring etc.

  • Then discuss and reflect on this activity with the girls:

  • Why did they write that word?

  • Are their friends ‘good friends’?

  • Are they a ‘good friend’?

  • How do they think they can be a better friend?


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